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Live Cattle
High Low Last Chng
Jun 11750 11642 11740 +67
Aug 11857 11735 11827 +45
Oct 12432 12332 12397 +5

CAD Dollar
High Low Last Chng
$ 8292 8254 8261 +0
Jun 8257 8256 8256 -4
Sep 8258 8255 8256 -5

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June 9, 2021 17:00 CDT

ALMA (Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency)

The Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency is one of the most important elements of the Alberta Livestock and Meat Strategy. It is a panel of industry experts who will provide advice and direction to help revitalize the province’s livestock industry by developing sustainability and competitiveness.

A board consisting of highly qualified individuals, each with great knowledge and experience will govern the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency. These international leaders will direct funds, resources and programs towards the re-building of Alberta’s livestock industry.

ALMA's main role is to act as a catalyst to help transition Alberta’s livestock industry into competitiveness and sustainability. Despite ALMA’s involvement, industry will maintain control and will continue to drive business.

The Agency will better position our province’s livestock industry to capitalize on and achieve a shared vision. The board is responsible for providing focus, and ensuring effective implementation of programs, policies and initiatives directed for Alberta’s livestock industry.

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Western Livestock Price Insurance Program (WLPIP) is now available in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Visit the WLPIP web site

 (link below):

For Province of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development visit:

For other informative sites visit:

Federal Programs at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada visit: